Renovation Made Easier

Posted June 18, 2021 in Special Features

So many people rethought the way they live in their homes during the pandemic. As a real estate agent and designer, thinking about how I  worked from home and how I am now helping people with homes is at a whole new level.

Being a designer might be a little bit of an  occupational hazard to some involved in real estate; because as a designer, it is always possible to see what major renovations will make a home into a retreat that you can live in.

I recently completed re-designing a home that is now move-in ready for its new family to live in it. The home was purchased to be redesigned and received a complete update throughout. Buying the home met with agreeable sellers because I was able to offer a quick closing and forego any contingencies. The previous owners knew it needed a lot of help.

Finding a home to renovate begins with finding the right neighborhood. Wide streets, proximity to services and nice yards are a good indicator that there may be homes perfect for renovation. I am a fan of mid-century era homes when choosing one to buy for renovation.

Having the confidence to know what to keep, what to tear out and what to add can make all of the difference in a renovation. Studying design and having a real estate license as well as a strong standing in the Vancouver community has helped the process tremendously.

When the most recent renovation started, I was careful to set the budget as well as to set realistic expectations for the property. Having the home ready for Memorial Day weekend at the  beginning of summer was also very important and helped me to formulate the timeline to complete the work.

It’s typically easiest to begin work inside on the interior while checking to see if there are any designations for homeowner’s association requirements. Oftentimes, if I can find plans for a home, it can help reformulate some of the purposes within the areas of the home that are suitable for the way a new family wants to live within the home.

For this particular renovation, the windows were in perfect condition and the family saved a lot of money by not having to replace windows. The kitchen was particularly troublesome, because it was narrow, so tearing down a wall and adding an island opened up space to enjoy. A morning coffee area and a space for a long table was incorporated. The table area works for projects or for a special dinner with friends. The fireplace in the open space made the home perfect! The brick only needed painting.

Buying a renovated home can help people to list and sell their property with less stress. The pandemic clearly showed many people how to choose what is most important and to focus on getting that part of life together.

This most recent 2021 major renovation for the lucky family moving into the home gave some opportunities to enjoy mature trees found in the landscape.

I was able to get a few price breaks because of working with companies that I already do work with. Getting good prices for cabinets and appliances helped keep the project’s budget on track. We were even able to add a second laundry hook-up for a second laundry room.

All in, the renovation costs came to just under $100,000 based on the budget and design chosen. I do believe that if I weren’t the designer that costs would have been higher, because I was able to be at the project each day and work from the site.

When all of the structural elements were completed, it was fun to move into the décor portion of the project and choose pieces with a story that melded with the newly designed home.

All in all, people in the Vancouver community have really come through in the way that I am listing homes and working with people to redesign the concept of a newer home. I hope that you gain confidence in taking on your dream for home when you read what is possible.

If you are ready to list your home, I can help you to stage your existing home to sell in a way that covers the expenses of getting a new home by renovation. There are plenty of reasons to consider putting your home on the market.

Call me at 360.635.1121 or email DianneMorrisHomes@ to learn more about how to weigh the pros and cons of listing your home in the current market.