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How to prepare your home to sell

One of the most important things about selling your home is to make it feel inviting to buyers. You want them to come in and feel welcome and want them to stay to look around. You can do this by making sure your home is clutter free, always remember less is more! Local Home Staging Resources will help you see what needs to be done to give you the maximum exposure you need to get your home sold!

With the help of professional advice you may be able to:

  • Obtain the best possible price for your home.
  • Negotiate the most favorable terms.
  • Secure a buyer in the shortest period of time.
  • Relieve you of the stress and inconvenience that can occur when selling a home.

Curb Appeal

  • First impressions go a long way
  • Flowers, fresh bark dust
  • Swept driveways & walkways
  • Yard maintained


  • De-clutter (less is more)
  • Makes rooms feel larger
  • Take down family photos (you want buyers looking at the home)
  • Paint soft neutral colors (if needed)
  • Accent walls are great but stay away from what may not be liked by others
  • Make home light & bright (turn lights on when you know your home is being showed)
  • Make sure curtains are open


  • Carpets (if needed)
  • Counters, Refrigerator, stove, ovens
  • Empty garbage daily
  • All Beds made
  • Dirty clothes picked up and put away
  • Dishes put away (do not leave dishes in sink)
  • Remove pets (during showings if possible)

Selling Process

  • Setting up a Listing Appointment
  • Getting your home on the Market (RMLS, Flyers, Website, Ads)
  • Showing your home (agents/buyers)
  • Receiving an offer
  • Closing the sale
  • Making the Move

Moving Checklist for Sellers

  • Set up or transfer all accounts
  • Utilities: electric, gas, water, sewer, garbage/recycling
  • Services: cable, telephone, newspaper, yard maintenance
  • Postal Service
  • Insurance policy on home

Moving out of the area

  • Bank accounts
  • Medical Providers (doctors, dentist)
  • Pharmacy
  • Children’s schools and childcare
  • Car Registration, insurance & Drivers License


Here’s a comprehensive list of utilities in the Clark County, WA region.