Byron Limbrick

Posted September 10, 2016 in Realtor Spotlight

Byron Limbrick, Clark County WA real estate agent

Real Estate Broker
Real Living, The Real Estate Group

How long have you worked in Real Estate?
I’m in my 11[th] year.

What is your specialty?
First time home buyers

What is one tip you have for someone looking to buy or sell a home?
Work with the person who best suits your personality.

What is the most unusual thing you’ve encountered while working in real estate?
I once showed a property that watched me! As my clients and I were walking through the home, we noticed that all TV’s were on, there was a TV in every room and we could watch ourselves as we viewed the home. It was pretty eerie… Needless to say, my clients chose another home. Lol…

What is the most challenging/gratifying aspect of what you do?
The most gratifying thing is being able to be a part of the joy that my client’s feel, and express to me, when I have helped them realize their dream of home ownership.

What do you see in the future for real estate sales/prices?
Hold on a minute…let me ask my Magic 8-Ball.

What do you enjoy when you are not working? Hobbies, volunteering, family, fun?
Running my remodeling and construction company, watching my children’s sporting events, the occasional scotch and cigar with the boys…and…SLEEP!

What do you like about living in this area?
I moved up from San Diego, in 1994 to go to college. I hadn’t before, or since, seen as many beautiful trees as I have since my time living here. The seasons are absolutely FABULOUS, as well.

Anything else you would like our readers to know about you or your company?
I love the office I work in. At Real Living, The Real Estate Group, we care about people. There is no better place for me to hang my license.