So You Want to Remodel an Old Farmhouse?

Posted August 19, 2017 in Real Estate Trends

Krista Cunningham, Clark County WA real estate agent

Farmhouses are some of the most commonly renovated buildings. They have charm and design already built in to use as the basis for the renovation. Once you’ve cleared the hurdles of inspections, structure, wiring, and such, the rest is fun because of the endless possibilities whether your goal is to modernize or restore the original design.

My husband and I recently remodeled my grandparents’ farmhouse that they built with their own hands in 1949. I was careful to keep the charm of the original home with arched hallways and coved ceilings.

A farmhouse kitchen is defined by an over-sized sink and lots of counter space such as a wrap around L shape or a large center island. With our remodel a deep farm sink was a must! We have a huge garden and an orchard, so it’s perfect for all the canning I do.

Other iconic farmhouse kitchen features could include a long farm table made from distressed wood and glass front cabinetry, all illuminated by open glass light fixtures. Wood or beadboard paneling is a common material used for the walls in a traditional farmhouse renovation to achieve a classic look.

One of the biggest trends in farmhouse renovation is to repurpose materials that you would otherwise find on a farm. An old water trough and reclaimed wood can find new life as a table. Barn doors can become closet doors. A galvanized bucket with a drain and piping can become a bathroom sink. Between original artifacts and modern materials, you can make your old farmhouse look new again.

Krista Cunningham
Marketing Guru for The Columbian and Sprout Digital