Election Matters

Posted October 29, 2016 in Real Estate Trends

Scott Hogan, Clark County WA real estate agent

Election Day is every day at Clark County Title!

That is because, each day, someone typically says, “If it was my choice, I’d pick Clark County Title! But, it is not my choice.”

One of our candidates for the office of United States’ president would quickly say, “WRONG!”

Here’s how title election really works: if a seller has a preference for a particular title company, he or she has his or her agent list that information in the listing; a buyer can specify a title and escrow company as well when an offer is made. Who gets “elected” for the role? Often your real estate agent will work out the details between title company selections, but ultimately you sign to validate the choice. Many times, homeowners and home buyers are not aware that these matters are up for election. Your agent and even your lender would like to make these choices easy for you; yet, you always place the deciding vote and will be asked to sign when deciding the election. You are the authority on how and who will handle your transaction. As a buyer or seller, you are the “boss” and you are the one writing the check for these services.

When you are deciding your vote to elect a title company, you might want to ask the following questions [assuming that you hold a debate]:

  1. Where is title research completed? Is the work completed in the United States? Clark County Title does all title work on site right here in Clark County, Washington.
  2. Where is ownership held for the title company? Clark County Title is locally owned. Many title companies are nationally held.
  3. Is there a Real Estate attorney on site? Clark County Title employs an attorney that is located in our office.
  4. Where are the decisions made? Clark County Title makes all of its real estate decisions right here in Vancouver. We also make decisions about giving back to the community as well as advertising in our local newspaper!

“Service is the Difference” is not just a campaign slogan,

Scott Hogan
Clark County Title