Get the Price Right When Selling Your Home

Posted July 16, 2019 in Real Estate Trends

Alyssa Curran, Clark County WA real estate agent

Get the Price Right When Selling Your Home
By Alyssa Curran

Correct pricing is a critical part of selling your home. There have been times where it seemed a seller could ask for whatever they wanted, and buyers would line up and drop their contingencies for a chance to purchase it. Those days are gone. We are now well into the summer months of selling season which makes pricing your home correctly more critical.

The market has cooled a bit which means buyers often have a little more time to be selective in what they want to purchase, making pricing a home all the more important.

Realtors® use many tools to help price a home. They try and price it competitively so when it hits the market it’s a hot commodity. There is no way to replicate that first week on the market and being fresh inventory. If a seller wants their house priced high there is a risk that the listing becomes stale and people begin to wonder what’s wrong with the home, when in reality it’s perfectly fine. Sometimes, even a few days can make a difference in the pool of buyers looking. Timing can be everything in Real Estate.

When pricing your home a Realtor will take into account the location, the age, and the features of the home like how many bedrooms, baths, square footage, yard size, and characteristics. A professional will look at comparable home sales and what is currently available on the market at that same price point. Unfortunately, there is not a price for the sentimentality that most sellers feel for their home. So when a Realtor suggests a price, it is based on multiple factors– some with numerical value and some without–like highly sought after neighborhoods.  Regardless, there is method to their madness in suggesting a price.

Ultimately, Realtors do their best to price your home competitively while trying to get their sellers the most they possibly can. It is not an exact science, although we try to get it there. It’s also important to note that no algorithm can substitute the experience of a Realtor and the tricks of the trade they have in their profession.

Alyssa Curran is a NW native and a REALTOR® for over 15 years. As a wife, a mother of four, and a full-time Realtor, Alyssa loves everything that encompasses the home: buying, selling, decorating, mothering… she enjoys it all.

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