Discover the Unrivaled Experience of Life at Columbia Palisades

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From the historic Evergreen highway, at a point designated as Vancouver’s scenic east “Gateway” entrance, the calming effects of the Columbia River and its panoramic views draw you into this quieter lifestyle place.  Crowd-free living and a fulfilled community-based lifestyle is found here. Columbia Palisades which is a part of neighborhoods accessed near 192nd off of Evergreen highway offers spectacular viewpoints nestled into one of Vancouver’s best discovered spaces. The opportunity of this neighborhood and the re-development of the former rock quarry into the existing community is a creation of Joe Weston.  Weston envisioned the new homes and community enhancements as a natural means to enjoy the all-season wonderment with everything that 2021’s modern day world could possibly offer.

“I saw this property with Joe and his development partner Ed Freeman and thought, ‘this is where I want to be,” said Paul Schwabe, Real Estate Broker, who purchased one of the first lots. “I ended up working with Joe after that to open the sales office and to help facilitate its development. Lot owners choose their own builders to maintain an ability to enhance the organic feeling of the natural surroundings. The area becomes more walkable because of this existing neighborhood’s expansion.

The Details about this Neighborhood
There’s no better way to experience what the community of neighbors here have loved other than to visit it yourself. Walking the Lewis and Clark Trail (place 3910 SE 192nd Avenue, Vancouver into your map app) to the pedestrian viewpoint, you’ll notice the breathtaking natural preservation of wetland areas that takes you up to terrestrial landscape views. Health is in the air and in the neighborhood with one of Vancouver Clinic’s newest locations at the base of the neighborhoods. Vancouver Clinic built the site with people in mind who live and work within their community.

From the street looking upward from the base of the developed community, the homes look much as you would expect within a reputed neighborhood. However, when you are inside one of the homes at the height of the elevation, you realize that the soaring, light-filled entrances of each home is prepared for that individual owner  to enjoy his or her own urban oasis with quiet and repose. It’s truly the best that modern-day buildings can offer. A most-pleasant feature of many of the homes is that some offer all-glass rear decks that give way to expansive views all the way beyond the West Hills of Portland and across the waters of the Columbia. The back of many of the homes open up by way of folding glass doors so that the outside can be brought in and the inside opened to the inspirational outdoors.

Natural Beauty and the Luxury of Living Well
A combination of forces is making the Columbia Palisades community one of the area’s most-sought after neighborhoods. Months of living in a pandemic have developed ideas of how these families within these neighborhoods are seeking to better enjoy the meaning of home and how they access the area’s open spaces. The remarkable outdoor amenities of walking trails and terrain while being able to accomplish work, indoor fitness or schooling places the location as a most-desirable neighborhood where you can have it all or choose to seclude yourself from the outside world within your own.

A Strong Sense of Community
Mixed-use components enhance what is already great according to those who are now calling this place home. Condos, townhomes and carefree, post-career lifestyle offerings are blended so that no view is obstructed for any resident. Additionally, upscale shopping and office locations are planned as an enhancement to the live and work concept.

“It’s a quieter lifestyle here but the offering of activities is all anyone would want, said Paul. “We’ll have amenities soon that include a hotel and the entire concierge shopping experience plus a close-knit community. The Columbia Palisades are the newest of a living-working community within an established neighborhood environment that is most unique because of its relaxing views of the Columbia River and most-colorful sunsets.

Indeed, it is a perfect place to call home or to make a living. Anyone is able to do most anything they would want to do. And then there is even more, like the music of Ted Vegil planned in the outdoor amphitheater placed into a natural environment that lends itself to bringing a blanket and a picnic basket to enjoy some summer-time music. For others, it’ll be golf or going to the winery found nearby. All this is available, beyond the walking paths, hiking and areas to bicycle. Lunch is available from top chefs at nearby restaurants and can be enjoyed out on the back patio if you just want to stay home and take in the spectacular views.

If you have questions about the Columbia Palisades development, please call Paul Schwabe at 360-816-0906.