What is the difference between staging and hiring a designer?

Posted May 6, 2018 in Special Features

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Generally speaking there is a big difference.  Some people consider themselves designers when in fact they are stagers or like watching HGTV and giving free advice of their opinions’ to friends or potential sellers. Stagers generally want you to declutter and pick neutral colors, get rid of wall paper and personalized drapes or curtains. They may have you get rid of some bulky furniture that doesn’t fit the room.

When seriously considering making changes to you house see some work that some designers or stagers have done.  A designer’s job is to ensure that the homeowner’s personal aesthetic is incorporated with the functionality they need for daily life. This includes picking out flooring, tiles, cabinets and customizing to scale the right furniture for each room. Having great ideas of how to work with spaces and update outdated lighting, baths and have a list of contractors they work with to make this happen. Such as changing out old brick fi replaces, maybe knocking out some non-load bearing walls, getting rid of old cabinets and bringing in some new. Experience and or credentials should be required for this and of course you will be charged for this service.

What will this cost you ask? Will I regain the cost back? That brings up another point of discussion of which I would be happy to have with you. Lots of factors to consider… Give me a call. I have been a builder and I can give you realistic advice.

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