Third Generation Builders Find Their Niche in the Custom Home Market

Posted October 5, 2019 in Special Features

Brabec Interior, Clark County WA real estate agent

Anyone shopping for a home in today’s real estate market knows how frustrating it can be when you can’t find what you want. Some people may decide to just buy land to build the home they want. This is the niche market for Brabec Homes.

Scott and Rob Brabec are brothers and third generation builders who grew up around here. “We’ve been here all our lives,” Scott said. “We went to Battle Ground High School. We’re local boys.”

The brothers have been building custom homes in Southwest Washington for 27 years. But you won’t see rows of homes built by the Brabecs in large developments, nor any model or “spec” homes either. As a small builder, their designs are completely custom and they devote their time to only building five or six homes per year.

“Our niche market is people who want a home designed to fit them and typically have land though we do help people find land,” said Scott.

As an experienced design build firm, the Brabecs take pride in their ability to maximize the benefits of any lot, acreage or view property as well as use efficient design techniques and communication during the design process to minimize change orders, which means saving money for their clients.

“The key difference between us and our competitors is that we start with a budget and work backwards, designing their home’s size and including amenities to fit that budget,” Scott explains. “Sometimes we work with client’s architectural plans or a plan they selected off the web and then have to be the bearer of bad news because the finished drawings are either too big or the amenities too lavish that both exceeded the customers budget.

Now, the Brabecs have found a system that works. With Rob’s engineering background they can keep all the design and blueprint plans inhouse. Scott says this gives them “the inside info.”

“We can refine the plan up front before actually drawing up blueprints,” he said. “Overall, it’s a happier experience for everybody.” And not only for their clients but also for the brothers working together as a team. Scott’s says his business administration background rounds out the expertise they offer their clients.

“I stay inside and Rob stays outside. That works well for us,” he said.

A small but interesting submarket where the Brabec brothers have found another niche are with buyers looking for Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) homes. Scott Brabec says that even though these homes cost about 10 percent more, they come with a wide range of benefits.

“ICF buyers usually choose these homes for very specific concerns such as energy efficiency, earthquakes, termites, fire, or noise reduction,” Scott said. Brabec Homes has two ICF homes currently under construction.

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