Posted April 30, 2018 in Special Features

2018 Apr 29 Sponsored Content Image ADAIR HOMES, Clark County WA real estate agent

Very few investment opportunities can rival personal home ownership. These single purchases are so large that finding the way to a solid equity position can take years, and in many homeowner’s experiences, decades. Turning this equity investment equation on its head has been the mission for one Pacific Northwest homebuilder.

For nearly fifty years, Adair Homes has been perfecting an innovative project management system that allows their homeowners to participate in various aspects of the home building process. In return, these homeowners are saving money and realizing immediate equity.

It’s a simple, but foundational concept: your sweat equity is worth money.

Building a house is a complex, multi-task undertaking, but many of the specific jobs involved in the process do not require advanced or technical know-how. You can quite literally Do-It-Yourself. By serving as the point person for various contractors, Adair homeowners save money and create equity by handling site management. Some assignments are as simple as a phone call. Some just take time—like building a deck, or painting a wall.


Adair homeowners think so. “With Adair you can build equity—pretty good equity. When we walked into the home we had more than 25% equity, appraised value versus what we had on our mortgage,” commented Adair Homes customer, Jared Benson. After two years, this same homeowner sold his Adair home, reporting an equity position of over $200,000 at time of sale.

What’s more surprising, is that this experience isn’t out of the ordinary. In 2017, Adair homeowners reported a collective average of 25% equity at time of home completion. That’s a phenomenal return-on-investment for any business.

For those interested in Adair Home’s project management system a complete home planning workbook is available— free to the public. It gives step-by-step directions on how and where instant homeowner equity can be earned throughout the homebuilding process. Building any house—big or small—can be an emotional roller coaster of anticipation, excitement, and the fear that comes with making one of life’s biggest investments. However, given the right tools and a solid partnership with an award winning builder, you can receive the keys to your new home with confidence.


Download the Adair Homes floorplan catalog, schedule a complimentary consultation, and imagine the possibilities.