Staging for Sweet Dreams

Posted January 30, 2021 in Special Features

Dianne Morris 1-31 Art, Clark County WA real estate agent

Whether you are planning to stage your master bedroom because you plan to list your home for sale or you just want to rest easy, I’m offering a few tips this week that can keep you from having a nightmare.  Staging the master bedroom is second most important to selling a home only after the staging of the living room. The National Association of REALTORS (NAR) backs me up on this. NAR member agents agree that staging the master bedroom increases the dollar value of the home listed by six to 10 percent.

As a listing agent, I like to create the feeling of enjoyment like putting on slippers and sipping a glass of wine. If you are seeing shoes and the day’s coffee cup in your master suite, start by clearing the clutter. Take everything out of the room that doesn’t belong. For items that do belong, begin to think about functional storage. Under the bed storage can be great because it is not visible but is accessible. If buying a new bedroom set is in your future, avoid choosing a matching set. You should look for complementary materials, textures, colors and finishes.

If you have the square footage to divide the room into functional sections, start with flat areas like your nightstands and dresser tops. Clean as you go. Bedrooms should be clean and fresh like you are arriving at a designer hotel.  When staging a nightstand, use 3 colors of varying patterns and styles to create texture.  One item should have all three color selections in it. Sometimes it helps to then use that item to guide you in selecting colors in other parts of the room.

The bed should have a crisp look about it. Beds are typically a focal point. If color stumps you, choose light or all white bedding and toss a couple of pillows with your color selections. Light or white will make the space look larger. I particularly like to choose high-quality bed linens. It will give the entire room a feeling of luxury. I keep a list of my favorite linen types, but most any newly purchased item will present better than worn linen.

Be sure everything is clean and inviting. Ask yourself if the space gives you the feeling like you just arrived at a high-end hotel. We all know that feeling of being in a luxury-hotel room.  For inspiration, Google hotels in cities you want to visit. While the color selections will vary by region, there are consistent design applications that I’ve shared with you here that you will notice.

Here’s a quick list of suggestions:

  • Clear the clutter
  • Clean and vacuum
  • Choose three colors as a maximum
  • Select neutral bedding that allows featured colors to pop
  • Keep wires and cords out of sight
  • Let in natural light when possible
  • When placing a rug under the bed, it should allow your feet to rest on the rug when getting out of the bed. The top of the rug should be in front of the nightstand.
  • Choose soft lamp lighting and have light jazz or low underlying easy music on the TV. If your TV doesn’t give you that option, use portable speakers using Spotify or Pandora playlists.

Functional, clutter-free areas will give you and any potential buyers a yearning to retreat and relax in the space.  Baskets carefully placed can help keep extra pillows or blankets from becoming overwhelming. You don’t want someone to be wondering if you recently had a slumber party at your home.


If you have questions about something particular or have a pressing problem involving staging and listing your home, please email me at