Staging To Sell…Less Expensive Option

Posted February 7, 2019 in Special Features

Lauren Aldous, Clark County WA real estate agent

When your agent shows up and says that your home needs to be staged, I’m sure the sound in your head is that of a Vegas casino; am I right? Ching, ching, ching, ching….

Staging can be extremely expensive. There’s typically an upfront fee to have the staging company do the install, then the fees run on a per-month basis. Even though the consult is typically free, this dollar amount for having your home primped and prepped to put it on the market can run in the thousands…if not tens of thousands.

If the home is vacant and may be in need of a few minor updates, then staging is a must and will draw the eye away from those flaws. However, if you live in your home and spending thousands isn’t on your to-do list today, you may want to find an agent that can help you do what I call, “shop your house staging”.

Basically, an agent much like myself, who has vision of how to use your existing pieces can come in and help you get your home ready. When you’re competing against other homes in this dog and pony show…you need to have that sucker in tip top shape! You need to be the prettiest horse, prancing around that ring. Afterall, this is indeed a beauty competition of sorts!So perhaps moving some pieces of your oversized sectional to the garage or moving some artwork around to different areas are just what your home needs for a fresh new look.

Personally, I have a small arsenal of decor to help my clients spiff up their homes in times like this. Typically I’d come over and see your home, move some things around, give ideas about decluttering and then bring over any little extras your home may need from my stash of goodies. Yes, of course there’s no cost for this because I see it as you and I making a joint effort in getting your home sold. If you want to just hire someone to come in, take over and give it a makeover, then just hire a staging company. Otherwise, it’s you and I on the frontlines.

Let’s face it…it’s seeming like the majority of buyers out there just don’t have vision anymore when they’re out there shopping. So the days where the sellers say, “Oh, if buyers can’t see past that…then this house isn’t for them” are long gone. Don’t be that way….just don’t. It’s arrogant and it’s going to get you nowhere. And it definitely won’t get your house sold, trust me! These buyers want a move in ready home with very little work to do. Recently, it was all about HGTV this and DIY that. But now, buyers are struggling to see past a burgundy wall (which is why I keep a color wheel from Sherwin Williams in my car).

So if you’re wanting to sell your home, don’t hire someone who will just stick a sign in the yard or who shows up to the listing appointment with a fancy folder. Ask questions above and beyond. Ask their thoughts about your house and what it could possibly use to help get it ready. I wouldn’t lead them into answering what you want to hear, I would ask exactly that, “What do you think my house could use to get it ready for market” and then watch. If they’re squirmy or if their voice goes up and they say, “Nothing! It’s beautiful just as it is” then watch out, they’re just looking to increase their sales numbers. However, if the agent turns and looks through the house, really thinking about things…then you know that agent could be a contender.

Your house may literally be great as it is, so don’t think that something must be done to every house, because it doesn’t. You’ll know when you talk to him or her if they’re the right one. I wish you the best and call me if you’d like any advice.

Happy Selling!

Lauren Aldous is a real estate broker and exclusive buyer’s agent for SW Washington. | 360-936-4577