Scenic Salmon Creek

Posted October 11, 2021 in Special Features

Nicole Saul, Clark County WA real estate agent

If you are looking to get out of the city, come explore Salmon Creek. Here you will find safe communities, fantastic schools, and an abundance of green space with plenty of parks and trails. This neighborhood has a wonderful mix of new and older single family homes, condominiums, apartments and commercial space. Salmon Creek has a scenic feel and has great restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores and all of the necessities.

If you are in the area and looking for breakfast, stop by the Kitchen Table Cafe. They have amazing egg dishes and delicious sweet potato pancakes. Another one of my favorite stops is Salmon Creek Greenway Trail. This is a fantastic place to get out for a jog or take the dogs for a walk. There is just over three miles of trail along the Salmon Creek surrounded by wildlife area, parks and wetlands.

As you may guess, this neighborhood is named after the Salmon Creek. This creek was once full of salmon and trout, which provided a fantastic source of food for early settlers. While there is no longer an abundance of fish, both Salmon Creek and Klineline Pond are stocked with trout and many people still enjoy fishing here.

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Live well and get out and explore Vancouver! It’s a great place to live!