Quail Homes Builds What Many People Want: High Quality, Low Maintenance Living

Posted March 16, 2019 in Special Features

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With longer life expectancy and rising divorce rates, it’s no wonder that more individuals who live alone are buying houses than ever before. Some reasons for the rise in home purchases in this demographic include downsizing, credit repair after divorce, or escape from rising rents.

According to Quail Homes owner Jon Girod, more than half of the buyers they are seeing at his Quail Cottages at Quail Grove community are individuals who live alone.

Jon said it’s the home size, location, and quality product that’s driving the bites from this buying group, and that Quail Homes is in a unique position to meet their needs.

“No one else is really offering this,” Jon says. “People are frustrated looking for the right kind of home for their age and lifestyle.”

So what exactly is it that these buyers are shopping for?

For one thing, safety and security, or “safety in numbers,” as Jon puts it. He understands that people, and especially individuals living alone, appreciate a secure community where they can just drive into their garage and close it behind them—“easy in and easy out”—and feel safe at home before even getting out of their car.

“There is also a communal social component,” he says. “Because there are others there like them.”

The Quail Cottages at Quail Grove is a desirable community for active adults, busy professionals, and other small households wanting a traditional yet relaxed living space where the yard is taken care of and most of the exterior maintenance is centrally managed to allow for easy living and no worries while traveling.

Quail Homes understands that wider doors and hallways, fewer steps, and better lighting helps their clients live better. They also understand many of their clients love and care for pets, so they take extra care to design homes for furry family members also.

On the inside, the Quail Cottages have all the comforts of a traditional home, with three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and an emphasis on simple, handcrafted designs and beautiful details.

“We offer a high quality product,” Jon says. “The colors are nice, and people like the old school hardwood flooring.”

Quail Homes has catered to the particular building needs of the active older adult buyer group for 25 years. “We have perfected a building process that allows each client to get exactly what they want,” Jon says.

There are still Cottages available for sale at Quail Grove, with prices starting in the highJon Girod $300,000s. For more information and to meet the builder, Jon Girod invites visitors to stop by Quail Grove on weekends between 12pm-4pm.