Pretty Cool

Posted July 2, 2021 in Special Features


I hope all of you are sitting pretty and cool! By cool, I mean a cool temperature and a cool summer look for home.

The best designs in homes staged for seasonal décor always take into account that a few transitions should be made to create your  summertime retreat. Here are a few tips for enjoying home to stay and also to sell, if you are getting ready to list. Showcase your outdoors especially if you have a shady spot!

During summer holiday time, it’s so nice to barbecue and enjoy a beautiful yard space. Be sure to prepare a tray of supplies or a cart to minimize trips inside and outside of the home so cool air can stay inside the house. This is a great time to showcase a beautiful outside space with wicker, cane and rattan pieces that let air circulate around you as you sit. Some fabric cushions will wick away heat. Be sure to check your options if you are adding a few pieces.

Keeping the sunlight on the outside will prevent your home from heating up more than it should. If you haven’t had a tune up on your central air, now is a good time to get it scheduled. If you are getting ready to list, be sure to show prospective buyers that you have practiced good maintenance for the home.

If you have garden plants, you most likely have been watering those plants more this last week. Be sure to remove dried leaves and blooms from plants too. I have said that simplicity can be an illusion but making the yard look simple will help someone enjoy the space even more. From my knowledge as an agent, I can share that all of that lawn care and planting may result in recouping over 250 percent of costs at the time of sale.

On the inside and around the patio area, keep refreshing drinks available in the outdoor refrigerator or in a tub of ice. Just seeing cool refreshments can help people to feel cooler.

If you don’t have fans overhead, adding a portable fan outside on your patio will help everyone stay cooler. There are so many options for creating air flow to add relaxation to the home environment.

You don’t have to break the bank to “wow” buyers when you are adding outside appeal to your home. Quality of life is found outside and inside. Spending time outside reduces stress and will interest buyers who bring
better offers.

Just like dating, the outside gives anticipation of what’s inside:
• A recent Virginia Tech home survey discovered that outdoor spaces significantly increase the perceived value of a home.
• Just adding a focal point to outdoor space can add 5 to 10 percent more value according to the same survey at Virginia Tech.
• The National Association of Realtors found that planting about 60 flowering plants on a 2,800 square foot lot size produced a 100 percent return on investment at closing time.

Do the project first that costs the least amount of money. Experience really does matter when it comes to targeting buyers as well as  eliminating those who are not a good match for your home. No one likes to waste time in these impactful days for better discovering the
importance of home.

There’s no surprise that outdoor space gives amenities in life that gives both psychological and emotional benefits to being home. Stay safe and live well.

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