List to Renovate

Posted June 28, 2021 in Special Features

Houses are selling so fast that some people are questioning whether they should update a home to sell before it’s listed. That depends.

It is an interesting time to sell or buy a home; however, you should know that people always want to buy the best-ready home that can be purchased for the value. So how do you present your best-ready home for sale?

I always begin with my listings by looking at the neighborhood. Does the home need to compete with the other homes available in the area? How does your home compare to those homes? First impressions really do matter. Most people get informed that there is a new listing through a notification on their phone. Thus, your listing photos will make the first impression. There are details in photos.

Your listing photos will roll out like a movie, so it’s important that the house appears clean, neat, and organized. Each photo should appear somewhat like it belongs to the same home. I understand that some people feel a need to update one room, but piecemeal renovations are a no-no. The home doesn’t have to look like it came out of a magazine. It just needs to look cared for to attract the right buyer.

According to the latest value report completed by Remodeling Magazine, a kitchen or bath remodel does not give you a great return on investment, if you plan to sell. What does help when you sell? Replacing something on the exterior for curb appeal typically gives a 92 to 94 percent return on cost.

There’s something psychological about seeing the outside of the place we call home. I’ve heard so many people say that when they see their home upon returning that they have a feeling of elation to be there. So, if you can build that strong first sight of the outside of the home, you are in a better place for a good sale of the home.

Most higher-end home sales result in the buyer of those homes completing some updates after the purchase is complete. Most people will pay a premium for a home that offers the closest semblance of how the purchaser sees his or her living in the home.

The options for finding the right mix of presenting your home in your listing is a mix of variables that a real estate professional should be able to help with. One of the services that I work with clients upfront to list their homes is to thoroughly inspect the home so that a buyer can focus on other things beyond how things work in the home. If your home works well mechanically, it alleviates buyers from being concerned about whether there are drips from the faucets. The buyer can then begin to envision how he or she might live in the home.

One of the services that I am able to offer is to assist with design services that help with the return needed on the home or enable a listing seller to know upfront what the costs on updates might be. I also am developing my concierge services to better work with those willing to list with me that will enable the seller to quickly sell to move onto their new property with minimal costs.

There are oddball houses out there that we see along the paths we drive that get listed and don’t sell. Typically, those homes have something that really does require a makeover for buyers to be able to see the home for what it offers.

Experience really does matter in these transformative days for real estate.

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