It’s Only Natural

Posted June 14, 2021 in Special Features

Nature is making its way into the homes we live and those we stage to sell as a major trend for 2021. Living through the pandemic gave most of us a new perspective on what gives us comfort and reflects the new kind of luxury we expect in our lives.

New combinations of classic and modern design elements are helping us to bring the outdoors inside so that nature can be present in any room. Connecting with nature means that we use greenery and earthy materials to  offer a natural earth tone palette that helps to ground us at home.

We expect art in our gardens and so many items throughout the homes I have staged in 2021 are offering artful lighting throughout the entire home. The mixing of material finishes in the lighting fixtures bring art forms into our homes that mimic the outdoors. The finishes on these fixtures include many kinds of metals. Think of lighting like a piece of jewelry. The right light finishes the room.

Natural walls are being created as accents.  These walls are made from wood or have wallpaper to reflect an artful presence. Choosing a natural element for a wall accent should reflect the style of home. Wood is always a winning choice, because it can be left raw and unstained or it can be finished to look like a museum piece.

Flooring gives yet another opportunity to mimic nature as do the ceilings by adding wood like a beam or beams. Remember to mix and match. Wood can be reclaimed and refinished and will be a sustainable item within the home that can last forever.

Bringing nature into our homes isn’t a new concept; however, it can be a game changer. If you bring nature into the bedroom, you might want to consider adding organic sheets. Having something like birds or plants in the design will also help nature play the role that we are attempting to achieve in 2021.

When you consider natural elements in the bathroom, it’s important to connect water and warmth found in the space to help transport mind and body to serenity. Natural materials are always welcome in a bathroom space. The walls and lighting are an important reflection of the environment used and can create a one-of-a-kind bathing experience.

As you get a better idea about the various ways you can incorporate nature’s beauty into your home, you’ll be amazed at the amount of recycled and reclaimed products available. Once you start looking for these items at your local building supplier, you will be noticing them available for sale everywhere.

When you get to the point of adding some greenery or plants, be certain to consider live plants. There are many low-maintenance plants that bring the designer look to a finished space. If plants are not a consideration, be sure to place a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers or even a collection of large leaves in a vase.

Natural light should also be an element of the design of any room. Natural daylight brings any room alive and makes colors pop that are found within the renewed and recreated natural spaces of a home.

If you need some inspiration, take a walk through your local garden center and see how nature brings colors together. The different shades of green and the shapes of the leaves of the different plants are just waiting for us to mimic their design.

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