Home Staging & Decor with Dianne Morris

Posted January 3, 2021 in Special Features

Dianne Morris, Clark County WA real estate agent

Meet Dianne Morris, The Columbian’s Newest Home Staging & Décor Contributor bringing Adventurous and Inspirational Updates for 2021.

Buying, selling, building and designing homes as an industry is expanding its efforts and revamping offerings, betting that work-from-home and livinglife-at-home will outlast the pandemic. Dianne Morris, local Realtor and Home Staging & Décor Expert for home updates is sharing her professional wisdom that she applies to her own living for 2021.

Dianne Morris once went to open houses for fun. Becoming a realtor nearly 16 years ago after experiencing life in San Diego and Tampa, Florida and building a family with five children before returning to the Pacific Northwest, developed a love for real estate and a passion for interior design. Early on, when she viewed home listings for the value they brought to the dynamics of the way people like to live, a chance conversation with a real estate colleague prompted her to initially begin her work as a buyer’s agent.

In that initial period, Dianne focused on buyers before transitioning into applying her knowledge to listings. Dianne Morris shares about the importance of recognizing the emotional connections that buyers develop when a home is properly listed, staged, and offered. These homes staged for connectivity sell faster and for more money even in a buyer’s market.

Having mindfulness is one thing; however, applying it is a talent as we learn during this interview. Dianne has tested her trending ideas on herself by flipping 5 homes over the last three years. While working as an agent and applying design, she has developed a name for herself in SW Washington.

Dianne understands how the pandemic and life’s challenges have revealed how buyers and sellers have changed habits during 2020. Last year Dianne and her large close-knit family experienced the loss of her son Tyler after he battled Type-1 Diabetes. Our health, says Dianne, is forefront right now and the fragility of life gives us pause to find calm.

It’s very interesting what you learn from life and watching life amplify the feelings brought forward especially after the loss of a family member. Dianne is simultaneously developing her efforts’ signature program out of her work that will help families in need. In the wake of this pandemic, Dianne wholeheartedly wishes she had the financial wherewithal of independent wealth to help more than she has been able to help to date.

Working with our community, while enjoying the opportunities our region brings for hiking and enjoying nature brings great understanding to the ways and means of our current lives, and how we find our way into the future.

Dianne Morris can be reached at 360.635.1121