Holiday Season & Entertaining Tips

Posted November 18, 2018 in Special Features

Terrie Cox 11-18-18 Article Photo, Clark County WA real estate agent

No matter your traditions, decorating your home is a big part of celebrating the holidays for most people. Whether you’ll be entertaining a houseful of guests, or just your own family, it’s the perfect season to get into the spirit and make your home sparkle.

Make it Merry
If you have open shelves or glass front cabinets—lucky you! You have got yourself the perfect display area for some personal touches of holiday décor, as well as a place for your holiday dishware and crystal to be on display for the whole season. For entertaining, keep it classy. Neutral or white dinnerware complements sparkling placements and centerpieces.

Deck the Halls (but not every wall)
If you’re expecting holiday guests, don’t overwhelm them with decorations throughout every room of your home. Save the big impressions for your home’s entries and focal points. A few well-placed pieces of wall art will give a cozy feel to your guest areas—but no need for a picture on every wall. Instead, focus on comfort. Clean out the drawers in guest bathrooms. Set out new toothpaste, toothbrushes, and fresh towels. Clean out the closet to leave hanging space for guests, as well as space for a suitcase.

Less is More
As long as you’re cleaning out closets and drawers for your guests, it’s a great opportunity to declutter. Since now is the time for giving, extra blankets and coats stored away in guest rooms can be of better use to a charity for distribution to homeless and people in need. While you’re at it, look at the rest of your cabinets and shelves. Chances are you’ll find more things you really don’t need anymore.

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