Emotional Readiness to List

Posted April 17, 2021 in Special Features

Dianne Morris 4-18 photo, Clark County WA real estate agent

Last week I wrote about some new concepts that I am establishing as my go-to practices for bringing the best of experiences for listing a home and then getting the sellers into a new home. This week, I’m expanding more about the concept by writing about some of the things that people don’t always talk about: the emotional connections with our homes and the lack of control that causes some of the anxiety in the home sale experiences that we hear people talking about. There are some best ways to not experience those difficult situations. The first best tip to keeping your head on your shoulders without tears is to ONLY work with an agent that you like and that you trust. The rest of the emotions should be in check if you choose that right agent for you.

But, first I want to address emotional readiness and much of it has to do with staging. Staging brings forward a few questions that can bring out our feelings in ways that are unexpected.

  1. What do I do with the heirlooms in my home that our children don’t want?

There are many items that many of us always anticipated that our children would want. Some items we have kept because we have an emotional tie to them because of the stories associated with the items. There are processes that help these situations and working with an agent who understands staging and the emotional connections can help. Ask this question when you interview your agent.

  1. I have heard that homes are selling so fast that it doesn’t require me to do anything to my home. Is this true?

This answer takes a few more questions as you work with your agent. But if you pay attention to your gut sense on this matter, you are probably going to end up somewhere in-between your thoughts and the answer.

  1. Even if I get a great price for my current home, am I going to be able to find another place to live?

This is a key question that really requires the assistance of working with the best agent to represent you. Answering the question of why you would like to find a different place often helps to determine the solution. Some sellers simply want to get the cash they believe they can get in this time while changing up the way they live. It is simply the money received for the home that gets those sellers to the next place. But if you are seeking to move because you want a different home, it requires a larger investment of time and possibly emotions. Again, having an agent who really understands this dynamic is important to the process of being ready. Ask the question when you interview your agent.

  1. Can I sell my home with furnishings included?

The answer is yes! It makes great sense to sell a home that has everything that already fits in the home to stay with a home. It’s in this arena that I have been able to greatly assist those listing and leaving a home for another. When you have an interior designer representing you, you have a unique opportunity to not only obtain the next best place but have it furnished in the way that its layout best offers. It’s freeing to not take one home’s problem furniture to the next home.

There are some key elements to reduce the stress that we hear that some people experience.  Remember that it’s helpful when you give yourself time. That means to start the process early. Make the call and communicate that you are feeling emotional about the process that you anticipate. When you hear the process that your real estate agent utilizes to sell your home, if something doesn’t sound like you want it to sound; stop and ask questions and try to express what you would like. If an agent doesn’t understand, move onto the next call.

Be sure to physically get out of the house as you are thinking about listing your home. This will help you imagine and think about how you might live if you no longer live in the home that you are considering putting on the market. Take a drive.

Your feelings are normal and there’s documentation to prove it. According to a survey of 2,000 Americans by an area online seller of homes, thirty percent of home buyers shared that they had tears when buying a home. Most homebuyers in the survey expressed that hosting Thanksgiving Dinner or having the most difficult job interview they could imagine was easier than buying a home. To that I say, that is why having a real live in-person agent is like having gold.

Having the confidence of having a real estate agent who is multi-talented to meet the areas of need in your home sale is the most important decision you may ever make. Be sure to interview the agent you think will best suit you.

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