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Posted February 13, 2021 in Special Features

Diane Laundry Room, Clark County WA real estate agent

The laundry room in real life is often more like a closet than a room. Laundry rooms are seldom featured on TV except in commercials for detergents. It’s a place in reality where space can be tight and where most people simply close the door. But, let’s face it, most people dream about a laundry room that is airy and bright and might have a special place for orphan socks…oh, to dream! You most likely will open your laundry room this week and if you show your home, prospective buyers will open it too.

Make a plan now to start your spring cleaning in 2021 by transforming the laundry space. Instagram is proving that the dream of a luxurious laundry room can come true. A beautiful laundry room is becoming a symbol of living luxuriously. Organization is a key element.

Laundry rooms are not as easy as one might think to organize. If you consult California Closets, you’ll most likely find custom laundry room options. If you have a tiny space, I recommend a custom solution. A new term for the tiny laundry area is the jewel-box. As a designer and a listing agent, I like my clients to have a little fun which involves taking a few risks when working on laundry space.

It’s true that some people are finding it easy to enjoy home more by using laundry room space. Most of us want to have a feeling of a luxurious laundry room even if it is a small closet.

If you are at a point to consider a new washing machine and dryer, the compact laundry machines are 3 to 6 inches narrower than the full-sized machines. And you should know that some people with larger spaces are choosing twin washer dryers that include two of each, stacked.

But even if you are not buying new laundry machines, you should know that at the top of the list of buyers’ wish lists is simply having a laundry area where you can close the door. The National Association of Home Builders surveyed 3,000 home buyers to find that 87% of home buyers rank having a laundry room over walk-in pantries, hardwood floors, and patios. Renters are also willing to pay premiums for laundry rooms.

If you are willing to take a few risks, begin by taking a look at the light fixture. Do you have the option to add something sparkly? Take a step-back and look at what needs to be in the laundry room. A trip to your favorite donation center can solve some of the space issues for those extra blankets and towels that found their way into laundry room storage.

When the bulky items are out of the way, take note of what needs to be in the laundry room area. I like to buy foldable storage bins and racks that can be minimized if the area is small. If you don’t have a cabinet, consider adding a shelf.

Step back often to look at the space. Look at the walls in consideration of the lighting fixture you selected. Remember to choose a main color that creates relaxation. The area should give a feeling of cleanliness and should smell good too. I often recommend that homeowners take a photo with their phone. Seeing your laundry room in a photo gives perspective. Does the photo give you a feeling of wanting to share the photo or do you need to still make some changes?

Don’t be afraid to take a little risk and have some fun with the slots of space you might discover that will neatly store an ironing board or allow you to have a stylish shelf on wheels that can be pulled out when the doors are opened.

Thank you to those of you who have taken the time to call me at 360.635.1121 or email me at I look forward to getting some of the photos from those of you who have updated your couches and bedrooms. There is hope for the tiny, windowless laundry closet!

Dianne Morris is a real estate professional and specializes in the home staging industry for her listings.

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