Terrie Cox

Posted October 25, 2014 in Realtor Spotlight

Terrie Cox_6059 edit, Clark County WA real estate agent

RE/MAX Broker Associate

What experiences brought you into the real estate industry?
My early days began in sales and marketing, and a corporate recruiting background helped me to become a recognized name among leaders in the Real Estate industry. I was a builder in the early 1990s, so I can help builders and clients design and decorate homes for sales success.

What are the most important things that separate you from your competition?
I invest a lot of myself, my time, and my personal resources to get a property sold. I provide a lot of prep work, guidance, and expert advice prior to putting a property into the local RMLS listing pool. One wrong move can cost a seller thousands. I educate my sellers on staging, what repairs need to be done, and what repairs will increase the value of their home. My goal is to overcome issues up front so it is not a problem at the end of the transaction. There is nothing worse than a deal falling apart due needed repairs upon the inspection process.

I go beyond local marketing, my marketing is global. I have unique systems and powerful resources that bring sellers and buyers together, no matter where they live! I also have an excellent support staff that I consider family.

Why should someone select you as their real estate agent?
I am determined, I love hard work, and I refuse to accept the word “No.” If someone says no to me, I have to know why, and then I can resolve the issue. My philosophy is that life is an objection, so overcome it! I value professional designations and education. I have been recognized with a RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award among other honors, and am consistently ranked in the top three northwest Realtors. You can never have enough training, because the industry is always changing. What is good this year will be different twelve months from now. I am not the only successful agent out there, but I pride myself on being one of them.

What tips would you have for someone looking to buy or sell?
Be prepared to recognize the difference between a listing agent and a buyer’s agent. It can cost the seller time and money if they hire the wrong agent, one who does not invest in proper marketing. Some agents don’t want to be a listing agent, as it takes a full time marketing department and costs the agent money to do the job correctly. From my own experience, a successful listing agent must have a target approach, be tenacious and determined, be willing to work hard, and have a good staff backing them up.

For my Sellers, my goal is to leverage my experience to help them get the best price the market will support while still selling their home in a reasonable period of time.

For my Buyers, my knowledge of the Vancouver/Portland and surrounding area real estate market is second to none. I know the current market conditions and neighborhoods to expertly guide my buyers through the intricate and personal transaction of buying a home.

How have you remained successful in an industry that has experienced so many highs and lows in the past decade?
I have a strong inner coach, and I constantly reevaluate my own practices and perceptions. This helps me remain flexible and ride the ups and downs of the market. I managed to stay successful during the last real estate slump by analyzing the market and changing my tactics.

What helps you relax?
My home along the Columbia River is my personally decorated haven, and I also take vacations to recharge myself. I love to play golf; I find it to be relaxing.