Lindsay Langley

Posted August 8, 2015 in Realtor Spotlight

Lindsay Langley, Clark County WA real estate agent

Real Estate Professional
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices NW Real Estate

How long have you worked in Real Estate?
10 years (I have been a fly on the wall since I was 14 yrs old). My mom Cheryl Williams started off at Sundin Realty roughly 22 years ago after my parents separated. She had 4 kids to feed so she waited tables at the Olive Garden and sold real estate. I would skip school to hang out at the office. Back then title companies would put candy bars on the final HUDS and my friends and I would rob them of their sweets. We would make ourselves sick on 100 Grand and Baby Ruth bars. I loved the atmosphere even back then.

What is your specialty?
I specialize in working hard for my clients, no matter the price range, no matter the circumstances. Ask those that have given me the opportunity to work hard for them, I try my best and I don’t make excuses for where I fall short. I am human and this business is dealing directly with them, their families. I have to be able to be a best friend, a counselor, a negotiator, and an advocate for my clients.

What is one tip you have for someone looking to buy or sell a home?
I feel its super important to enjoy your realtor, you need to be able to trust them and speak openly to them. Transactions are not quick and they aren’t easy, you are with this person for an extended amount of time. You need to feel like you can say anything. Most importantly, remember the realtor is working for you, you are not at their mercy. There are a lot of us, and we should have to prove ourselves to the buyers and the sellers.

What is the most unique property you’ve listed or sold?
It was a 2 bedroom home with the most amazing view of the Columbia River. It was unique in the sense that because of interior, exterior and view we were going to put a fairly steep price on a 2 bedroom home. It was the first house I ever used professional photography for, something now I use for every listing. It had a heartbeat that I fell in love with the minute I walked in. The smells, the woodwork and the people that were selling it were just wonderful. It was the first time I really was up against some strong competition for the listing. In the end I got it because I understood the goals of my sellers (this is what they expressed to me) I was aggressive with my marketing and I was excited about the product I was going to be putting out there. I had an offer in 5 days and it sold for $395,000.00.

What is the most unusual thing you’ve encountered while working in real estate?
A squatter, you can go to my website and watch an interview where I tell the story. The long and short, I was showing clients a house, we went out to a detached building only to find a teenager in there hiding out. At first I was surprised and then I was anger, I turned into a mom in 2.2 seconds. I started yelling at him and telling him I could have been anyone, and reminded him how dangerous it was to take someone especially a female off guard in what should be a vacant home. I then proceeded to preach to him that people in this country have a right to bear arms and he is lucky I wasn’t exercising that right. In the middle of my nagging him he grabbed his stuff and took off. I then remembered I had clients with me and when I looked back at them they were in a bit of shock and slightly amused. The kids were the funniest, after that the youngest said as we would go into homes, “let Lindsay go first.” That’s the one and only time that’s happened……so far.

What is the most challenging/gratifying aspect of what you do?
The most challenging is trying to take a vacation. This job can easily be done 7 days a week, so you really have to force yourself to make time for you. The most gratifying would be the fact that it lets me be a mom and a professional. I love my job, but I love my kids and husband more. So I can do both, most days it’s a juggling act but as they get bigger it gets easier.

What do you see in the future for real estate sales/prices?
Who knows, I would hope that prices calm down. I don’t want to relive the past. As agents we tend realize the trends when we are halfway in them. Right now it’s still a great time to buy because money is cheap, however pickings are slim on homes. So if you are buying you better have an agent who is on top of it and can show when you call. The good ones go fast. If you are selling you better have an agent who is aggressive and has the tools and the energy to get your house out there and in front of everyone.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? Hobbies, volunteering, family, fun?
I am a realtor and mother of 3 so not working isn’t something I have experienced a ton of. If I am not with clients , I want to be with Sean and the kids enjoying each other’s company. It could be with an event downtown, a family function, or just being lazy at home. Our schedules are crazy so if we can work it out we will do whatever together.

What do you like about living in this area?
I love how kind the people of this area are. I love that you merge on the highway and more often than not you get a wave of thanks or a smile. I love that the people of clark county really make an effort to promote each other and enjoy seeing someone else succeed. I love the growth and the small town feel our large area has.

Anything else you would like our readers to know about you and your company?
Berkshire Hathaway isn’t for everyone, we aren’t a group of agents looking to work for less than our worth. We want people to walk away from a transaction with us feeling like it was a team effort and we were ethical and fair. We are a family of realtors and we take pride in who we hold our license with. Our name change has done nothing but great things for our business. I can’t speak for everyone but I love the company I represent and I really do believe we are “Good to know.”