Amy Tierney

Posted June 20, 2015 in Realtor Spotlight

Amy Tierney, Clark County WA real estate agent

Real Estate Broker
Keller Williams

How long have you worked in Real Estate?
Since April 2008. I started out at Keller Williams primarily working with buyers and within a couple of years I was negotiating short sales, trying to help as many people I could to not lose their homes to foreclosure. My family thought I was crazy to start a career in real estate with the state of the economy! I saw it as an opportunity to help people. I wasn’t worried!

What is your specialty?
Helping people! I am a residential real estate broker in Washington and Oregon.

What is one tip you have for someone looking to buy or sell a home?
Real estate is one of the largest investments people make, it is so important to make sure you are hiring a REALTOR® that is a professional, knows the market and is looking out for your best interests. Not all REALTORS® are the same. Interview more than one agent and make sure you like and trust that person.

What is the most challenging/gratifying aspect of what you do?
The most challenging part is finding a home for a buyer when there are multiple offers on most homes we are looking at. The most gratifying is to be able to show sellers that they actually CAN sell their homes and sometimes higher than they thought.

What do you see in the future for real estate sales/prices?
We are finally back to a healthy, stable market. There are a lot of buyers out there that can’t find homes due to lack of inventory. We are starting to see more homes come on the market. I think people that wanted to sell a couple year ago and couldn’t are starting to realize they can now, but we still need more inventory.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? Hobbie, volunteering, family, fun?
My husband and I have a 2-year-old who keeps us very busy! We are both pretty involved with our gym at CrossFit Fort Vancouver.

Anything else you would like our readers to know about you and your company?
My goal with any client is to provide them with world class service so they are my client for life and always think of me when they think about real estate. Keller Williams is the #1 real estate firm in Clark County and I couldn’t be more honored to work for such a forward thinking company who truly cares about the success of their agents.