Allen Anderton

Posted May 30, 2015 in Realtor Spotlight

Allen Anderton, Clark County WA real estate agent

Keller Williams Realty

How long have you worked in Real Estate?
I have been working in this field for over 26 years. I bought my first rental property in 1989 and have been buying and selling real estate ever since. I became a licensed broker with Keller Williams Realty in 2010.

What is your specialty?
I am a full service agent who handles all aspects of real estate. I sincerely enjoy working with every type of buyer and seller. However, if I were to pick a specialty, it would probably be investments because of how much personal experience I have investing in real estate.

What is one tip you have for someone looking to buy or sell a home?
One tip I would give a seller or buyer would be to hire an agent who works in real estate as a career, not a hobby, and one they trust and have confidence in who listens to their goals and makes them their number one priority. I would also advise people not to assume they can’t afford to buy a home before looking into their options. A lot of young homebuyers underestimate their ability to get a loan. There are great loan programs that allow people to buy a home for less than what it might cost them to rent.

What is the most unique property you’ve listed or sold?
Wow, that’s hard to pick just one. I once had the privilege of listing one of the most beautiful properties I’ve ever seen. It was like an oasis with a river, pond, and spectacular views. Although the house was very nice, it was obvious that the homeowner built it himself. Everything from the carpet to the light fixtures was done in this man’s custom and very unique taste.

What is the most unusual thing you’ve encountered while working in real estate?
As an investor, I once worked on a property where the previous owner used the crawlspace as a recycling bin. It took three dumpsters to clear out all of the trash they had under the house. I have been in this business for a long time and not a lot surprises me anymore.

What is the most challenging/gratifying aspect of what you do?
It is definitely a seller’s market right now and we currently have the lowest inventory of available houses for buyers to choose from. It can be a challenge to get clients to act fast on a property they like while it’s still available. I love helping people achieve their dreams of buying or selling their home, as well as creating long-lasting relationships with my clients.

What do you see in the future for real estate sales/prices?
I feel like the industry has almost completely recovered from the recent economic downturn. With that said, we are entering into a stable market with gradual price increases. Currently, things are favorable for buyers and sellers. Buyers are getting great interest rates and sellers are getting the best prices for their homes since 2006.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? Hobbies, volunteering, family, fun?
I love spending quality time with my family and friends. Being outdoors is probably what I enjoy most, whether I’m golfing, hiking, going to the beach, or exploring the city. My wife and I also really love traveling, especially going on cruises to warm, sunny locations.

What do you like about living in this area?
This area is great because it’s close to the beach and two big cities, yet it’s far enough away to still feel the slow-paced atmosphere of a smaller city. I also really like the moderate climate and temperatures.

Anything else you would like our readers to know about you and your company?
Keller Williams is the #1 and fastest growing real estate company in the world, as well as the #1 training company. My daughter is my full time office manager/business partner. She takes care of all paperwork, marketing, etc. This allows me to put all of my focus on my client’s needs.

Why should someone select you as their agent?
I think my broad experience in all aspects of real estate sets me apart from other agents. This career to me is more about helping people than anything else. I am a genuine people person and always keep my client’s best interests in mind, not the sale. My motto is “Honesty and Integrity Above All Else.”