We all live downstream

Posted May 6, 2017 in Real Estate Trends

Mike Pattulo, Clark County WA real estate agent

Recently, the Supreme Court made a ruling regarding how a couple of lending institutions potentially contributed to practices that brought blight and falling property values to a specific community. The conclusion simply stated is that there is now consideration to the downstream effects of lending within communities.

While this particular case of national attention involved an east coast community, I often believe that just as the sun rises in the east, the impact of the sun above results in its setting in the west. The Justice’s writing in this case concluded that the case’s legal standing rests on the Fair Housing Act which bars discrimination in housing sales and rentals, as well as in related real estate transactions.

Ultimately, lending institutions involved will continue in operation throughout the communities they serve; however, in considering today’s climate of working to gain a mortgage, I believe that we are in a time when the mortgage process begins best when it’s a person to person process that is personalized. While so much of the application process can be accomplished online and through technology, the bottom line still comes down to the person working to get the application approved. It comes down to understanding each individual application. Everyone has a different challenge.

I am complimented when people name me in working to get their mortgage approved as opposed to just stating my employer, Peak Mortgage. I believe that’s the model that Peak Mortgage seeks to provide in its communities served.

It seems like a long time ago now, but after finishing my degree from UW; I returned to my home turf to work and live. Becoming a homeowner was important in supporting this community and its prosperity. It’s important to me to serve through our various nonprofit associations at the places that are important to our community.
Giving back serves all. Giving time makes the difference.

It’s this very reason that I’m writing today about how I work with those who want help transitioning into owning a home. No one just “gets there” by him or herself. I find it best to focus on the person; the rest simply builds integrity and loyalty – which I find more meaningful than building any institutional building.

I answer my phone, because it’s more than processing a mortgage.

We lend where we live,

Michael Pattullo
MLO# 229675
Mortgage Advisor
Peak Mortgage