Posted August 6, 2016 in Real Estate Trends

Kelly McDonald, Clark County WA real estate agent

With the coming of the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, we can appreciate rooting for our home team dedicated to winning the gold. Go USA!

Family-wage jobs, homelessness, safety – these are among the local home team efforts that Clark County Title employees work with organizations like the Columbia River Economic Development Council, the Community Housing Resource Center and the Boys and Girls Club, to name a few. It cannot be a solution for our community members to simply move to another part of town and declare any neighborhood as someone else’s problem. We understand and commend the dedication of our community leaders as well as our employees to make opportunities where others might see problems. We believe that being a locally owned, privately held title company enables us to give more generously of our time and treasure in ways that are specific to giving where we live.

The Community Housing Resource Center serves our community to empower local residents to become effective advocates for their housing. Families, who are financially selfsufficient – or fit – as the CHRC states, create a more vibrant and thriving community. Through the availability of certified one-on-one financial counseling, the CHRC can assist those who are interested in getting help to deal with the tough issues of mortgage default, foreclosure, poor credit, too much credit, and even not being able to get credit. Through their efforts (as well as the other organizations that I and the team at Clark County Title have worked with, such as the Building Industry Association, the Clark County Association of Realtors, area churches and the Rotary clubs), the home team of Vancouver and Clark County are continually revitalizing neighborhoods.

Clark County Titles’ community outreach efforts are helping to invest in our neighborhoods that, together with residents, businesses, churches and nonprofits, exercise a strong heartbeat for keeping our local housing safe, affordable and a team goal.

The Olympics give us a great example of teamwork that applies to most businesses. Every individual community member can contribute to making a difference, and solving problems, not ignoring any potential issue in our communities. Get involved, and be a positive influence for our community!

Your neighbor,

Kelly McDonald
Clark County Title