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Posted October 21, 2017 in Real Estate Trends

Mike Pattulo, Clark County WA real estate agent

“Those in the process of applying for a mortgage receive what can feel like an endless trail of documents to sign. How can I sign these documents on a phone?”

If you haven’t downloaded the PeakApproveMe app, you should really take a look as it is an excellent example for using our phones on the go. It was created with loads of input from people trying to keep up with mortgage processes in a fast-moving housing market. There are other tools available as well that give options to those still getting comfortable with technology in mortgages.

The iOS 11 will support scan and sign for iPad and iPhone. One of the most popular document signing apps is the Adobe Fill & Sign. This app is free and works with both iOS and Android devices. Each gives you the ability to sign with your finger [or stylus, if you prefer] to sign using your phone’s touch screen. After you sign the first time, the signature is stored, so you can drag and drop the signature in future signings. The signature is available to be resized should you choose.

The app is user friendly. The app moves you through the document to prompt you to the boxes that apply to your signature. I do encourage users to take the time to password protect when using bank account or social security numbers.

When protecting documents signed through the app, there is something called GeniusScan+. The simple version GeniusScan is free. The ad-free version of GeniusScan+ is $5 for Android and $8 for iOS.

The process requires a few taps on your phone. To start, tap the PDF from Adobe Fill & Sign and select the Share icon in that app; selecting GeniusScan+ in the process. On the screen that opens, tap Password and make a strong password. Note your password, because the app doesn’t ask you to verify it.

Beyond that point, you can export the protected file of the app of your choosing, whether email or a cloud-based app such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Look for December’s Home Book for a larger detailing of using digital by me. Have other questions? Call or email me. Or stop into my office and I’ll help you.

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