Remodeling a Farmhouse Bathroom

Posted January 7, 2018 in Real Estate Trends

Krista Cunningham, Clark County WA real estate agent

During our farmhouse remodel I was challenged with redesigning a long and narrow bathroom. I didn’t want to enlarge the bathroom due to its placement snug between the Master Bedroom and the basement stairwell. I researched for months how I could create the illusion of a light and open space while creating a bathroom that was functional.

The existing bathroom had a tub only so our first decision was to change that to a tub and shower. There was an existing 28”x36” window in the shower space. We added framework for a 36”x11.5” single vent horizontal slider. Ah, summer air breeze in the shower with more privacy than the original window!

We replaced the plaster walls with greenboard drywall. Greenboard isn’t water proof, however it resists moisture better. With the walls open we were able to install all new plumbing for a tub shower and all new electrical for upgraded commercial ceiling fan/ vent and new lighting.

Next we replaced the flooring. The main floor of the house has gorgeous oak floors. I was hoping when we scraped the linoleum up that we would find hardwood, unfortunately it was plywood. No problem. My grandfather kept extra oak floor boards in his shop so we were able to lay matching oak, sand it, stain it and seal it to match the rest of the house.

Because the room is narrow, we chose a full width 6 foot bathtub/ shower at the end of the space and placed the toilet and sink vanity along the same wall to create an open space. I considered a pedestal sink as it would have given the illusion of more space, however I chose a wall mounted vanity for more storage.

Lastly, but most importantly, we moved the laundry chute about 6 feet from its original location and enclosed it into a floor to ceiling cabinet. With the laundry room directly beneath the main floor bathroom it proved to be very useful in the 65 years my grandparents lived in the home. Also, stories of my dad dropping the dog down the laundry chute into a full, fluffy laundry basket still make me chuckle when I use the chute.

My next project in this bathroom will be a solar tube, but that will need to wait for a nice dry summer day.

Krista Cunningham
Marketing Guru for The Columbian and Sprout Digital