Paradigm Shift

Posted December 2, 2017 in Real Estate Trends

Jon Girod, Clark County WA real estate agent

Ten years ago we made a bold move. We decided to future proof our clients by building homes to higher standards in regards to energy efficiency. Some called it Green Building, we called it Building Smart.

We really thought by doing so we would protect our clients in the future. When it was time from them to sell, they home would be able to compete with new homes. This turned out to be true. Building codes did improve and will keep improving.

Recently, Governor Brown of Oregon made an executive order to make residential housing zero energy ready by 2023. This is a bold move of which we think is a good idea. (You can visit our website, and learn more about what it means to have a zero energy ready home).

The auto industry is making great strides in battery technology. China has made a national goal of having all new vehicles be electric by 2030. A bold move as well.

Automakers in Europe and the United States are aggressively pursuing improvements in producing vehicles with reduced or zero emissions. I recently heard that one of the major U.S. auto makers are considering partnering with China to allow them to compete well in the future. Who would of thought!!

We are upon a paradigm shift in how housing is regulated and built. Consumers are the benefactor. We are now delivering homes that are more comfortable than ever. They also are light on your wallets to operate.

We welcome you to visit our future proof new model home. Come to learn more about how we have incorporated these paradigm shifts into a beautiful 2400 square foot single level home that has been built to have achieve a combined gas and electric bill of $74 per month.

We would like to wish everybody a terrific holiday season. It’s amazing that it’s here already.

I hope this helps and thank you for reading the newspaper.

Jon Girod
Quail Homes