Parade of Homes 2017 Recap

Posted October 7, 2017 in Real Estate Trends

Jon Girod, Clark County WA real estate agent

We couldn’t be happier with this year’s Parade of Homes. The attendance was terrific. What surprised me has how many people are either currently doing homebuilding or remodeling projects or planning on doing them. This is a real sign of the current and future strength of our local economy.

We had an awesome experience.

Each year I ask our employees to take turns working with me in representing Quail Homes at the event. I find this is very helpful. Our employees feel proud to represent our great product and get honest feedback from the public. It gives them a perspective that stays with them as they do their daily work activities.

This year we had three generations working the Parade Home. I had my dad (78 years old), my son (26 years old), and myself (56 years old). That was a first and really neat experience. The public found it terrific to see a small business representative by an extended family that has passion serving their clients.

We had well over 200 people who came to the Parade of Homes specifically to see our home the “Empty Nester”. Never have we had this happen. I have had the “Empty Nester” floor plan on my mind for over 12 years. The design was an accumulation of feedback from prospects and clients over that 12 year period. It was nice to see people responding like they did. They really liked the “feel” of the home. The colors and openness really provided a warm and comfortable “feel”. Which is exactly what we were trying to produce.

Each year we do a Parade Home, I know how much work it is going to be. I would like to thank the Building Industry Association (BIA), the sponsors, the builders, our clients, our trade partners and employee’s in delivering a terrific display of what we all represent.

Jon Girod
Quail Homes