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Posted September 24, 2016 in Real Estate Trends

Mike Pattulo, Clark County WA real estate agent

Ever expanding technology is exhilarating. It provides us with options and tools in home loans that we never would have believed to be possible a few years back. Paperless sales flyers and vivid color pictures are available to us in a moment. We sign documents via computers and tablets and smart phones!

Peak Mortgage offers a proprietary PeakApproveMe App for your smart phone or mobile device that can keep you moving toward a new home. It can send a pre-approval letter to your realtor for buying the home you want even if it’s 8 p.m. on a Saturday! There are a lot of great features in the app, so watch for a special report coming in the Columbian’s Home Book or call or message me for it.

As people, it’s important that we never become complacent when everything in life blurs together or when it seems too easy. There can be an urge to coast through familiar processes and take the foot off of the gas pedal. However, it’s more important to keep driving.

Speaking of driving; Kelly McDonald of Clark County Title is going to be driving a few golf balls and pushing the pedal on the golf cart in Bend, Oregon. Kelly introduced me to you, our readers and pushed me to drive forward in growing my efforts. Kelly was always aware of the dangers of complacency. If you don’t think that things are ever evolving, just take a look at the internet. The web displays our ever evolving knowledge on any subject on a daily basis. It demands us to be our best with new skills, versatility and the willingness to engage in technology. The more we are willing to adapt and master these skillsets, the faster and more proficient we will be.

Social media was the first announcer of Kelly’s new endeavors in life. Social media helps drive mobile technologies to new heights. The beneficiaries of these new trends or tools are the clients we serve. We can communicate like never before. Curiosity never killed the cat; it just made the cat smarter. Be curious and be open to understand and appreciate the technological advances we have to help you. I’ll help. The PeakApproveMe app from Peak Mortgage will get you home like never before.

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Michael Pattullo
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