Posted December 16, 2017 in Real Estate Trends

Mike Pattulo, Clark County WA real estate agent

It’s a busy time of year with many things to think about doing.

As part of my commitment to you, I am continuously seeking the best opportunities for making mortgages available to more people to purchase their dream home. I also continue to expand educational experiences for the benefit of having more opportunities to offer better services. There are constant presentations and meetings to help deliver the best products and services available within my industry. I’d like to update you that the information I see is encouraging in regard to the housing market and how it may impact in the year ahead.

From key issues such as how the Fed will respond if major tax overhaul is enacted soon to the news that central bank officials will continue to gradually raise short-term interest rates as the economy is performing largely in line with their expectation, the sentiment is positive.

Single family housing demand continues to increase while builders are able to build in a way that provides job growth. I believe that the housing market is primarily influenced by job growth, interest rates and housing-pricing appreciation. We are in a good spot within our region.

With housing appreciation growing and low-mortgage rates, I anticipate that home buying will continue to be a smart move. Construction-based job growth accompanied by inflation-adjusted wages with our inflation remaining below 2% will keep our market here strong.

Thanks, as always, for reading and special thanks for the many of you who email, write and call. Knowing the many people who assist me in providing mortgages brings me joy and I’m honored to be associated with the many professionals involved in real estate. Wishing you the warmest of greetings. (And don’t forget to look for my expanded column in the Home Book being
published soon in The Columbian!)

We lend where we live,

Michael Pattullo
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