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Posted August 26, 2017 in Real Estate Trends

Mike Pattulo, Clark County WA real estate agent

When I started writing this column just over a year ago, I quickly learned about how meaningful it is to connect through this column with the Columbian’s readers. In the mortgage lending business, the ability to give good advice has a very direct impact on a borrower’s success. Good advice is still lagging in the world of technology. It takes people to give good advice.

Every loan I’ve ever written is unique and brings its own separate set of objectives. Each home inside a loan provides different fulfillment and happiness to the purchaser. My job is to get us there. Sometimes people don’t agree with my advice or want to hear it – but it’s still my responsibility to share. The most important thing, I’ve learned, is to discover how someone prefers to communicate. Some people like directness, while others might need softer communications.

Technology has disrupted many of the processes in the purchasing of a home, but at the end of the day there is nothing like connecting in person to let them know that their loan is set to be funded.

There is nothing more satisfying in seeing the moment of clarity when the right advice is given and accepted. I consider a few things when advising people about loans, including their overall capacity for the loan and their ultimate goals for the property – whether they plan to stay for five years or keep the property while buying another. I always try to prepare for any catastrophic decision points that are critical to the goal.

Part of giving good advice is to protect people. I feel good when the right advice has found the way “home.” You wouldn’t marry someone without talking first. It’s a good idea to be sure that the match you line up in seeking your mortgage is a good fit too. Do you have something you’d like to share with me? I’ll share some pieces of your best advice received or given in a future column. If you need some local advice, give me a call on my mobile at 360.607.9312.

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