Cozy Farmhouse Christmas

Posted December 9, 2017 in Real Estate Trends

Krista Cunningham, Clark County WA real estate agent

This is the time of year everyone is asking, “Are you ready for Christmas?” A big part of getting ready involves the fun of decorating. Walk into most any store this time of year and you’re hit with almost too many decorating options. With so many possible styles and trends, it may be hard to choose, if you want to stick to a theme.

If you’re like me, you may have fond memories of country Christmases at Grandma’s, which is why a cozy farmhouse Christmas is my favorite decorating theme. I have been fortunate to be able to remodel my grandparents’ 1950s farmhouse where my family and I now enjoy embracing nostalgia as well as making new memories of our own.

We used real garland and bows to decorate the fireplace that has a mantle hand carved and stained by my grandfather. We used acorns from our oak trees and holly berries from a bush in our pasture to make a homemade wreath. And of course we used my grandmother’s ceramic Christmas Village under the tree.

Whether or not you actually live in a farmhouse, you can create your own cozy country Christmas anywhere. Between simple DIY craft projects and your own vintage family heirlooms, your home can be a warm and inviting space for your family and guests.

Krista Cunningham
Marketing Guru for The Columbian and Sprout Digital