A Tribute to America’s Workers

Posted September 3, 2016 in Real Estate Trends

Kelly McDonald, Clark County WA real estate agent

Labor Day, to most of us, marks the end of summer vacations and unofficially, the start of football season. Over 134 years ago, the holiday began with a carpenter holding a picnic to pay tribute to his fellow workers. Reportedly, about 10,000 people attended that picnic.

While time has offered a changing role to what Labor Day means, I am reminded that America was built through the achievements and important contributions of its workers. For Clark County Title, we believe strongly in the dignity that work brings to people. We also believe that helping others to be productive gives dignity to others.

Prior to Labor Day being celebrated, America went through the Industrial Revolution. During the time of American Industrialism, mass production through factories and machines developed the work of urban and industrial populations. This was a better life for many; however, it was a life where productivity was placed above all.

Clark County Title encourages all to take the time to reflect on the dedicated work ethic of Americans as well as the contributions they’ve made that have helped our great nation in gaining “dignity through work.”

Here are a few shares about the dedicated working people on Team Clark County Title:

  • Kellie Jo is a Lunch Buddy at Anderson Elementary. Check or stop in at Clark County Title and ask Kellie Jo about how to get involved.
  • Cherylee has hosted fundraising events in her home that benefit the Children’s Justice Center. Check
  • Shannon recently earned her Bachelor of Arts in Music from Marylhurst in Portland, all while working full time and taking care of her children as a single mom.

Enjoy a backyard barbecue, friends, family, and relax America. You deserve it.

Your neighbor,

Kelly McDonald
Clark County Title