When Real Estate Transactions Get Complicated . . .

Posted June 6, 2022 in Real Estate Trends

Scott Hogan, Clark County WA real estate agent

Interest rates are having a significant effect on Clark County real estate. Our super-hot market is now merely hot (or at least warm). Just in time for our prime home sale months of summer.

When the market begins to shift as it has in the last couple of months, many adjustments need to be made. This includes decisions to be made by buyers, sellers, refinancing borrowers, lenders and Realtors. Many sellers took advantage of the hot market of the last few years, where anything on the market that was priced correctly would be snapped up by an eager buyer. Now, the frenzy has eased a little, giving buyers a slightly better chance at getting the house they choose. Smart buyers, though, should avoid thinking that everything has shifted so much that they can get a “low-ball offer” accepted. There’s a lot of gray area between “sellers’ market” and “buyers’ market.”

We’ve noticed over the years that shifting markets bring more “tricky” transactions. By tricky, I mean transactions more complicated than the simple A to B sale with buyer paying cash or a mortgage loan: seller financing, an owner’s death or divorce, boundary line adjustments, or lease/purchase agreements. Those sometimes-messy transactions allow us to show that title and escrow are not a commodity in the sense that “anyone can do it and it doesn’t matter which company you use.” With our local decision-making and experienced staff, we’re more willing to “dig in” when needed.

Just as the best Realtors and lenders differentiate themselves by providing a higher level of service, we pride ourselves at being able to assist with the most complicated or unusual transactions as a way of earning from our growing list of referral partners the right to close their simple A to B sales. As a result, we’ve closed some of the largest transactions in Clark County.

At Clark County Title, we welcome the opportunity to brainstorm with parties and their Realtors and attorneys solutions to real estate problems. We have been able to create the best title company by providing the best service, whether the transaction is easy or hard. We have combined today’s tech solutions with warm, personal service.

Next time you are buying or selling real estate, call or email! Clark County Title wants to be part of your real estate plan! We wish you the very best this Summer– from your friends at Clark County Title,