Thoughts to make your home finance goals a success in 2021

Posted January 9, 2021 in Real Estate Trends

Michael Pattullo2018, Clark County WA real estate agent

Happy New Year to Get into a New Home!

Here are a few tips for those thinking about BIG plans for a new home in 2021:

Take small steps.

After the year we just experienced, it’s important to allow ourselves to move forward in ways that don’t bring anything less than what will be successful. Our “try” will go farther if we focus on the small financial tasks first, if we are to purchase a home. The easier we make our first task, the more likely that we’ll be able to find the motivation to keep moving especially if our goal is to buy a home this year.

Here are some simple ways to begin to start making your home finance goals a success in 2021:

  • For a sustainable year, find ways that don’t rely on motivation alone as it can dissipate as February approaches – make a few financial goals for January and begin to make goals for February as you accomplish January’s.
  • Think positive – 2020 is behind us. We might feel hesitant as last year was a challenge for everyone, but taking steps now will get us moving forward.
  • Reward yourself – find ways to celebrate that you did probably negotiate some discounts or reviewed your spending and adjusted. Celebrate feeling good about those decisions you successfully made last year.
  • Calculate – We’ve all heard about how saving 1 % of our money can add up big. Take time to meet with your mortgage broker to calculate with you how you can achieve any down payment goals you want to make or have the extra money to purchase new furniture for that new home.
  • Make small goals to start – oftentimes we make vague or overly ambitious goals. Pick a specific step to make and ask for help if you aren’t sure what the next step is.
  • Take just one step forward at a time– If your goal is to buy or sell a new home this year, make a telephone call appointment or virtual appointment to meet with your favorite mortgage broker.

Talking about money can be tough. The first step is to take just one step. If your goal is to purchase a home in 2021, working with an advisor can make the first step simpler. An advisor works for you and is on your side. This courtesy service to discuss your home purchase options can help more than you think. By sharing the task of getting financed, the task can become simpler.

The big goal for me and my team is to always seek to help anyone in our community to get the latest up to date opportunities that better help them finance a home in the way that’s best for the individual or family. Call or email

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