The BIG GAME of Real Estate

Posted February 13, 2023 in Real Estate Trends

Scott Hogan, Clark County WA real estate agent

Today is the big game between the Chiefs and the Eagles. I’ll leave it to the Sports section to cover the game. If you are reading this column, you must be interested in real estate, so I’ll discuss the battle in real estate—the one pitting real estate brokers against FSBOs (For Sale By Owner).

People often ask, “Do I have to use a real estate agent to sell my home?” “Do I have to use a title company?” The answer, in both cases, is no.

Should you?

The typical motivation for someone avoiding the use of real estate agents is a desire to save money. While that result may be possible, it is also possible that the decision could cost you more money than you could possibly save. Consider that a professional real estate broker will understand fair market value, pricing strategy, be more objective about the value of your home, be able to expose your property to more buyers, show the home to potential buyers without your involvement, and negotiate price and paperwork as your advocate.

Similarly, anyone can draw up a deed on their own property and trade it for a buyer’s check.

Should you?

For the modest fees charged by a title company, we review the Purchase and Sale Agreement signed by Buyer and Seller, search the title to make sure that the Seller has the right to sell the property and determine if there are any debts owned by Seller, draft the deed from Seller to Buyer and other documents, handle the money changing hands, obtain necessary signatures and, finally, record the deed and disburse the money.

You could do it your self—just as you can do your own dental work or climb aboard your homemade weather balloon for a cross-country ride!

Having overseen thousands of purchase and sale transactions, Clark County Title highly recommends using professionals to assist you with real estate transactions—these professional Realtors and mortgage lenders, and the appraisers, home inspectors, repair contractors, and attorneys that play such an important role, all come together to make sure things get done right.

The key to finding success in the real estate market going forward is to find a good team to assist you. Clark County Title wants to be part of your real estate team in 2023. We pride ourselves on our “Service is the Difference” motto. That is what sets us apart! We’re the “hometown team” with caring service and the financial strength of our national underwriters.

From your friends at Clark County Title,