Real Estate Trends: Happy Mother’s Day!

Posted May 9, 2020 in Real Estate Trends

Scott Hogan, Clark County WA real estate agent

Thanks to my wife, my Mom and all mothers, for helping us through these trying times. We appreciate you all year long, but don’t say it near enough: “Thank you. We love you.”

We’ve been very busy closing transactions despite the virus. With interest rates low, lots of people are refinancing. We’re also closing sales that were put together before the virus hit, and some that happened even while the shut-down has been in effect. But, like everyone, we’re anxious to get back to normal.

We’re not just getting by, though. We’re also using the virus disruption to help us advance technologically! Like many of you, we had not put much time into online meetings and working from home, but the virus has forced us to adapt. We’re able to do both of those, plus do everything necessary to do title research and close transactions despite the curveballs thrown by the virus.
People will always need a place to call home, or to move to fit their changing circumstances, or to pull some equity out of their home by refinancing so they have cash on hand. We’re grateful that we can be a part of that process along with the many professional Realtors, lenders appraisers, inspectors, surveyors, developers, contractors and attorneys that refer us business. Thanks to all of these professionals for their hard work and continuing support. We appreciate being able to work with you as a team.

Clark County Title is ready to team with you (and your Mom) to make this Spring and Summer a great season to buy, sell or refinance. Please call our friendly, professional staff—we’re open and happy to help!

Happy Mother’s Day from your friends at Clark County Title,

Scott Hogan
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