Pet Friendly Living

Posted November 4, 2018 in Real Estate Trends

Quail Pet Friendly, Clark County WA real estate agent

All of our homeowners that have pets love them dearly. Adjusting the design to help is a passion of ours. It’s a lot of fun to get each client set up for success.

Common exterior adjustments include what type of fencing (physical or electronic), dog runs (secured and dry areas where a pet can go outside) and pet waste areas that allow for decomposition.

Interior enhancements are ever changing. Pet grooming areas tend to be in a room like a mudroom. Hot and cold water with hose attachments are really helpful. We have used flooring products that are pet friendly like tile, vinyl and laminate products.

What is interesting is including a drain in the floor. It’s as if you have a bathroom arrangement dedicated to pet grooming. These areas can be inside the home or in the garage. We have made arrangements for bathing tubs and grooming tables that make the job a lot easier.

Food preparation and storage tends to be really important. Many pet owners are purchasing healthy foods for their pet. Some owners even prepare and cook meals. We try to understand each client’s goals and then design accordingly.

We find that people like to have an area for a kennel. Pets tend to sleep in them. We have made arrangements so that a kennel is built into a cabinet. We have found that we can help clients by asking them detailed questions about their goals. Many of them are shared by others. We encourage our clients to search the web, visit pet stores, and talk with dog handlers to come up with ideas that can be helpful.

We all know what a pet means to a family or individual. We really to like to bring joy and comfort to those with pets.

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