PSL Inspired Home Decor

Posted October 5, 2019 in Real Estate Trends

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Pumpkin spice & everything nice

For those of you who know me, I love fall.  And every year during the dreaded heat wave of August I find myself dreaming of cool fall days, of wearing soft woven scarves and knee high boots, and treating myself to my favorite fall drink: a pumpkin spice latte (lovingly abbreviated “PSL” by its fans). I start drinking these as soon as they hit my local Starbucks at the end of each summer, but I force myself to at least hold out until September 1st to decorate my farm home for fall. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t already been shopping the fall aisles at my local Hobby Lobby far ahead of time…But, now finally, the calendar says autumn has begun so I can officially start my decorating–yaay!

Speaking of pumpkin spice lattes, they have become a symbol of autumn and represent the change of the season from hot and sunny to warm and cozy. In fact, the complete essence of the PSL is no longer confined to a cup, but it spills over into home décor in the form of candles and soaps, and into kitchens as many yummy treats such as pumpkin spice pancakes for breakfast.

For my fall loving friends who want to bring the spirit of season inside, I have a few inspired home design and décor ideas that provide a taste of the trend without getting too pumpkin crazy:

  • Caffeinated Color: Spiced Pumpkin paint (#PMD-80) by Behr can reinvigorate a desk, chair, or frames. It’s an easy way to incorporate a cozy color without painting an entire wall.
  • Wrap yourself in pumpkin spice: A cable knit throw and pillows in rich autumn colors and textures is an easy way to change up seasonal décor on your sofa.
  • Seasonal Cleaning: Pumpkin spice hand soaps and cleaning products will leave the scent of crisp clean autumn lingering in the air.

And my favorite way to decorate in the fall – my front porch!  Cornstalks and pumpkins seem to make their way to my porch on their own. A bench adorned with pillows the colors of the harvest, and vibrant chrysanthemums eases the loss of summer blossoms.

Welcome Fall!

Krista Cunningham
Advertising & Marketing Guru for The Columbian and Sprout Digital 360-735-4583