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Michael Pattullo2018, Clark County WA real estate agent

Last weekend, Jon Girod of Quail Homes shared some of his observations as an accounting student and through his own experience how the interest rates for high valued items tend to secure the best rates. It’s also true that a person who works on obtaining a higher credit rating tends to be eligible for some of the best offers. But there’s something else to value in discussing interest rates and that’s you.

We should all hold high value upon ourselves and our families, yet if we apply the concept that last week’s article put forward, a higher valued person would continually address financing much like municipalities, school corporations, or business corporations do.

In last week’s example, Jon finished his article about the consideration of adjustable mortgages in the present time. It’s true that adjustable mortgages are a great tool in the box we have to find the means as mortgage advisors to help homebuyers obtain the most home.

What I will build upon in the discussion of varying interest rates for homes is that the most important part of that discussion may be to be certain that is a part of a strategy that you create with your mortgage advisor. Just like the school corporations and municipalities review their financing, so should people who own homes. Jon Girod discussed this concept that he is always reviewing his business’s financing.

Many people happen upon a home mortgage interest rate.  It’s smart to have a plan to see what kind of loan will get you started or help you to move into the larger property or even keep you in your home until it is paid. The loan interest rate should be the best loan for accomplishing the dreams of the person in it.

Mortgage advisors are an important piece to the management of the interest rate associated with your home loan. If you foster the idea that the interest associated with your home loan is something that just happens, recognize and give yourself the opportunity to be different. Whether you are in a home loan or are just getting started in buying your first home, be sure you have a mortgage advisor.

Be sure that you are a homeowner who feels confident in your home mortgage, talk to your local mortgage adviser. And it’s okay to get a second opinion.

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