Misconceptions About Building Green

Posted January 2, 2021 in Real Estate Trends

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In my last article I discussed indoor air quality and gave tips how to achieve it. One of the tips that is useful for people considering building a home is to choose a Green Builder. Yet there are some misconceptions about building a truly “green” home. One misconception is that building a green home and choosing green products is only for the environmentally conscious types. However, building green has many other benefits than just being better for the environment. Green homes are also healthier. Think about that “new car” smell that so many people love and may even associate with a sense of health and well-being, when in fact that great smell comes from the off gassing of over 40 VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which are mostly derived from petroleum. VOCs are not only bad for the environment but also bad for our health. In terms of homes, the sign of a “green” home is when there is no smell at all. This is why a home built by Urban NW Homes won’t have that “new house” smell. We actually prefer that our clients don’t smell anything at all inside their new home.

Another misconception is that green homes are more expensive. The reality is that green homes are typically more durable and cost less to operate. A green home can attain higher levels of energy efficiency resulting in a difference that you will notice in your pocketbook during the course of homeownership. Also, if you ever decide to sell, a green home will often appraise at a higher value than a traditional home. For all of these reasons and more there is a growing demand for green homes and green home features.

When it comes time for selecting a green builder to build their home, another big misconception is that all green builders are the same. Some people choose builders who refer to their building practices as green yet many of these are only self-certified. At Urban NW Homes, we are a NGBS-certified (National Green Building Standard) green builder, which is a third-party certification with much more rigorous standards. We are proud of our NGBS certification and strive to build the most technologically advanced, energy efficient homes available.

So if you’re in the market to build a home in 2021, do your research and get the facts about green builders and green-building standards. NGBS Green ( is a great place to begin.


Jerud Martin
Director of Construction/Owner
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