Minimizing Steps in a home……Part Three

Posted February 23, 2019 in Real Estate Trends

Jon Girod, Clark County WA real estate agent

Last two articles we discussed the site planning, excavation of the land to make lots, how we work with our house excavator and our foundation company to make sure we are meeting our goal of minimizing steps. This article I will explain how we minimize steps in the inside of the home with particular focus on the master bathroom shower.

All of our floor plans are either single level homes or two story homes that all have the main living area designed with no steps.

We are highly focused on our master bathroom to have a shower that has no threshold. Some call it ‘roll in showers’. To achieve this takes some coordination.

The optimum shower size is 4’ wide and a length of up to 6’. To allow for a ‘roll in shower’, the foundation support and the subfloor has to be designed to allow a drop in the floor. We typically drop it 3”. We cannot have any floor joists in this shower area. Our typical 16” on center floor joists have to be eliminated for the shower area. We support the shower area by using foundation footings.

What all this means is you need to plan for a ‘roll in shower’. They are difficult to add on plans that are not designed properly for ‘roll in showers’.  I suggest if you plan on building a home with a ‘roll in shower, make sure it is design accordingly.

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