Minimizing Steps in a home……Part One

Posted January 26, 2019 in Real Estate Trends

Jon Girod, Clark County WA real estate agent

We get asked, “Why don’t more builders build homes without steps like you do?”

Because it is hard.  Let me explain.

It all starts with the land and how we develop the lots. We go to great lengths working with our civil engineer, surveyor, development excavation contractor, home excavation contractor, foundation people and our garage concrete personnel so that our finished foundation heights and garage floor heights will accommodate our goal of minimizing steps.

It takes a lot of coordination. One misstep of the details is all it takes. I manage this personally.

Our civil engineering plans outline exactly where we want our finished grades. I spent a fair amount of time reviewing each lot design so that we can build the finished grades of the lots about 6” above the front curb. This will allow for both lot drainage and meeting our goal of minimizing steps.

When our excavation contractor gets a set of drawings from the civil engineer, they will load them into a sophisticated satellite based software system that aligns with their grading equipment. The equipment operators then can do their street and lot grading with precision.  (Much like our farmers do to increase their yields).

After the lots are built, the next steps are to make sure our home excavator and foundation people follow suit. We will explain that in the next article.

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