Merry Shopping at for Home!

Posted December 14, 2019 in Real Estate Trends

If shopping for a new home and buying more holiday decorations is on your list, this is the time to shop! You might save some cash in the process that will make the holidays even merrier!

Fixed-rate mortgages for a 30-year term are below 4 percent. This low rate translates into monthly savings on how much home you will pay each month. If you already have a home and just want more cash, the rate drop means that it’s also a great time to refinance.  Either way, you’ll have a little extra cash for your holiday decorations and for buying presents.

To begin, I always recommend contacting your mortgage advisor. There is no charge to shop for a mortgage. You can ask me or any advisor for your credit score and have me or your mortgage advisor review your spending obligations to see what you are eligible. You will also be asked about your work history that might help even more in wrapping up savings.

Because I’m right here in Vancouver, I always encourage shopping local as an additional consideration. The money you can be approved to spend on home or take away in cash due to the refinancing of an existing home depends on the loan requirements and thus, the loans that any advisor has in his or her reach. It is a good idea to ask about the availability of loans that he or she has to offer. There are differences. There is a lot to offer on the local shopping level regarding loan availability plus there’s nothing like having your personal home mortgage shopper within reach.

There can be differences in the fees that lenders charge once you commit to a lender. For that reason, it is important to have an advisor that values the same shopping savings that you seek. I enjoy shopping for our Clark County residents and it’s a service provided at no cost to you!

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