Making the Trades Hip

Posted March 23, 2019 in Real Estate Trends

I often ask myself, “Why do young people work in food trucks, microbreweries but not in the trades?” I think hipness has something to do with it. Working with your hands making something with pride is hip. We need to promote that.

I know some great people who work in the education system. My wife being one. A friend of mine was a vice principal of a local high school in charge of discipline. A typical week would consist of dealing with dozens of disciplinary actions.

His next job was the same position at a school that is focused on vocational training. He dealt with less discipline issues in a whole year than he did in his previous position that he dealt with weekly.

He made it clear, if kids are interested then there is less problems. The problem is with the adults. They want their kids to chase the traditional college route. About half the kids don’t want that. They then in turn become problematic in school.

Hmmm. What does that say?

Maybe we should change the narrative. Maybe us adults should listen and learn. A little focus on ramping up vocational training just might do us good.

Maybe we need to market hipness to the adults. It seems to me that there is nothing better than tax paying young people!!

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