Land Search for a Custom Home

Posted November 7, 2020 in Real Estate Trends

Land Search, Clark County WA real estate agent

As a local builder in SW Washington for over 20 years, we are honored to be included in this edition of Real Estate Trends and look forward to hearing your feedback and questions.

You may have read our recent article about the hot market for custom homes on acreage. We’re back to discuss more about our complimentary services to help clients in their search for property.

Many people typically begin their search for acreage property online. When a property comes up in their search at a price or location they like, they reach out to local builders. When new clients find us on the internet our custom homes team starts the process with a discussion about the location of the property and then will drive with them to the property to make sure the area will work for their lifestyle and commuting needs. Since we build all over Southwest Washington our team can also recommend other potential areas to consider for an acreage property. For example, we’re doing a lot of builds in Cowlitz County around Kalama and Woodland where people can get acreage property for less, and some with river views.

After a potential property has been selected then we talk about home expectation and budget. People don’t always consider utilities such as where water will come from, where sewer or septic will go, and if there is access to electricity. Storm water engineering is also important. Washington state has strict stormwater requirements like rain drains so that soil will accept large amounts of water to avoid run off to neighboring properties. We assess the slope of the lot as well as clearing the land of trees and brush for the home site. A lot of times with other builders it’s up to the buyer to do their own due diligence with all of this. As a complimentary service we help identify potential pitfalls and then put together an estimated cost before a buyer makes an offer on the land. We also provide this service to people who already own acreage property and haven’t built on it yet.

Buyers can get surprised by additional costs. As a general contractor, I don’t like surprises and neither do home buyers.

Watch for our next article here to learn tips on keeping your indoor air healthy year ‘round, and especially during the upcoming winter season.

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