If You’ve Been Waiting to Buy or Sell . . .

Posted November 23, 2019 in Real Estate Trends

Scott Hogan, Clark County WA real estate agent

The intersection of low inventory, great interest rates, and continuing demand mean that this may be the perfect time to buy or sell your home! We’re always asked, “How’s the real estate market?” At any given point, we can tell you how many sales closed the week or month before, but looking into the future is trickier. Even though we’ve been blessed with a robust market for several years now, it’s always hard to predict very far into the future. That’s why buyers and sellers should take a hard look at their timeline and consider the benefits of calling their Realtor now, rather than later.

The seasonal nature of Clark County real estate market used to be more distinct. Realtors and lenders took a hard-earned vacation, buyers went shopping for gifts instead of houses, and the market went into hibernation. The last few years, particularly in the price ranges just above and below the median price of $375,000, demand has remained strong, and the only thing holding up sales has been sellers ordering Amazon goodies instead of a Realtor year sign.

Internet home shopping keeps going strong even in winter weather. Many or most buyers start their search online, so even bad weather doesn’t slow them down! Buyers that tour your home are likely to be serious shoppers. And many buyers have time off from work during the holidays to allow them to look at your home.

Sellers, don’t forget how good your home looks during the holidays. Buyers, are you sure today’s amazing interest rates will be there when you decide to pull the trigger in 2020 or later, and do you think rent is going up or down? All signs point to acting sooner than later.

Please make sure to tell your Realtor you prefer to use Clark County Title! We’d love to help you close on a new place to host Thanksgiving dinner next year! We’ll do the behind the scenes paperwork to help you buy or sell, while you baste the turkey. And we’ll bring the casserole!

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